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About us

We are the concrete answer to a common problem: the growing
production of false documents and their digitization.
Years of experience in forensic operations and anti-fraud analysis have enabled us to develop the know-how needed to counter this phenomenon.


In an increasingly hyper-connected society, the majority of transactions require personal recognition, from opening a bank account online to applying for a SIM card with a telephone provider.

This context is paralleled by the growth of a criminal phenomenon, that of document forgery for fraud or scam purposes. This calls for a solution that can automate and speed up the detection of false documents.

To meet this need, we ventured into a very ambitious project, a real challenge: the creation of the software that can distinguish false identity documents from authentic identity documents, Document Authenticity Verification (DAV).

This software proposes a new level of document control that comes to life from the previous experience and expertise of the police in the area of identity document verification, combined with the in-depth study of identification documents, their content, respective counterfeiting systems and production techniques.

This approach has enabled us to generate an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system capable of verifying the authenticity of a document, raising the level of recognition of forgeries, providing a direct solution to the prevalence of a growing phenomenon.

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