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Document Authenticity Verification

How to recognize a fake document?

It is now possible to do so in an automated and fast way
with Fast Check ID, the only artificial intelligence that can identify false documentary. 

How does Fast Check ID work?
There are 3 steps

Use cases

  • KYC Automation

    Fast Check ID software can be integrated into KYC processes to identify false identification documents through an automated process. It offers a private API system for integration into existing systems, allowing organizations to upload documents for verification and access the results via a private web dashboard. In addition, in more complex cases, an experienced analyst can provide technical expertise.
  • Customer Onboarding

    Minimizes time and effort for an efficient customer onboarding process. In industries subject to regulations, such as finance, onboarding new customers is a daunting task because personal data is required immediately. This can increase the risk of losing customers if the process is too onerous. Regula steps in to make it easier for companies to comply with regulations by offering customers a smooth and unhindered onboarding process.
  • Data Entry Automation

    Data accuracy is crucial, but often compromised by manual entry, which is slow and tedious, also reducing conversion rates when entrusted to customers. Fast Check ID offers a solution by automating data capture and verification from IDs, improving efficiency and allowing the team to focus on more valuable tasks.
  • Fraud Prevention

    It is critical in many industries today to introduce security measures, and it is possible to do so while balancing security and usability without compromise thanks to the advanced biometric and ID verification technologies offered by Fast Check ID, enabling enterprises to effectively protect themselves while maintaining a smooth user experience.

How to use Fast Check ID?

Private API system

You can easily integrate Fast Check ID into your systems, software and workflows through a private API system. 

Private Web Dashboard

We provide accesses to a web-accessible dashboard with which the client can manage a number of daily analyses, keep track of audit insights, download certificates of analyses, request and receive expert opinions from expert analysts.

The uniqueness of Fast Check ID

Human control

In more complex cases, the document is forwarded to an analyst experienced in documentary forgery. Should the client wish to do so, he or she has the option of asking the analyst for a technical expertise, which is crucial in case he or she needs to proceed with complaint and lawsuit actions.

For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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