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Fintech e Crypto

It is anticipated that by 2028, the still largely untapped global cryptocurrency industry will almost touch the $2 billion mark. Therefore, it is not surprising that this sector attracts various forms of fraud. The implementation of a foolproof identity verification system is crucial to prevent fraud in the field of digital assets. And this is where Fast Check ID makes all the difference.

Software that identifies fake documents can have a significant impact in both the fintech and cryptocurrency markets, offering benefits in terms of security, reliability, and compliance.

Fraud prevention

In the fintech sector, fraud is a constant challenge, with fraudsters using fake documents to open accounts, obtain loans, or participate in illegal activities such as money laundering. Fast Check ID can identify fake documents and can detect fraud attempts at the source, protecting financial institutions and their customers from financial loss and reputational damage.

Compliance with regulations

Both fintech and crypto markets are subject to strict regulations to prevent money laundering (AML) and ensure customer knowledge (KYC). Fast Check ID can help these companies meet regulatory requirements by automating the identity verification process and reducing the risk of noncompliance, which can lead to heavy fines or penalties.

Improved user experience

Manual verification of documents can be a long and frustrating process for customers. Fast Check ID can significantly speed up this process, improving the user experience and facilitating access to financial services and cryptocurrencies without compromising security.

Strengthening the security of transactions

In the context of cryptocurrencies, transaction security is critical. By using software to verify the authenticity of documents, exchange platforms can prevent fraudulent parties from gaining access, reducing the risk of illegal activities and strengthening users' trust in the system.

Defense against fictitious identity

The use of fictitious or stolen identities to access financial services and cryptocurrencies is a growing problem. Advanced software that detects forged documents can help prevent such abuse, protecting users and platforms from potential harm.

Internationalization and scalability

Fintech companies and cryptocurrency platforms often operate globally, which requires the ability to verify identity documents from multiple jurisdictions. Software that can identify fake documents from multiple countries can facilitate international expansion and scale operations without exponentially increasing the risk of fraud.

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For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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