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Border Control

From illegal infiltration to terrorist plots, crossing borders with forged documents can have multiple effects. It improves protection and increases operational efficiency by avoiding inconvenience to both control personnel and honest travellers.

Security regulations can slow down the process of crossing international borders. Increasing migration movements, easy access to professional tools and advanced document alteration techniques - such as morphing, etching and deletion - confront border staff with an unprecedented number of manipulated documents. Fast Check ID provides its expertise in forensic document examination and innovative solutions to ensure extensive protection without compromising the agility of the process.

Software that can identify false documents plays a key role in border control, improving security, efficiency and regulatory compliance. Here are some of the ways in which it can be used.

Strengthening security

The first and most obvious benefit is the improvement of national security. By identifying false documents, border authorities can prevent the entry into the country of individuals with malicious intent, such as terrorists, traffickers or other criminals who might try to use forged identities or stolen documents to cross borders.

Prevention of illegal immigration

The software helps identify individuals trying to enter the country illegally using forged documents, thus helping to reduce the number of illegal entries and maintain the integrity of the immigration system.

Operational efficiency

Automating the document verification process through specialised software can greatly speed up border controls, reducing waiting times for legitimate travellers and allowing authorities to focus on suspicious cases, improving operational efficiency.

Improving the traveller experience

By reducing waiting times and simplifying border controls for legitimate travellers, the software helps to improve the overall travel experience, boosting tourism and international trade.

Compliance with international standards

Many countries have strict legal and regulatory requirements for border control. The use of advanced document verification software helps countries meet these international standards, avoiding sanctions or criticism from international organisations.

Integration with international databases

The software can be integrated with international databases for checking lost or stolen documents, such as Interpol or other security databases, allowing almost instantaneous detection of compromised documents.

Adaptability and updating

Document forgers are constantly evolving in their techniques. Upgradable software can quickly adapt to detect new methods of forgery, ensuring that border authorities stay one step ahead of the tactics used by the perpetrators.

Data collection and analysis

The software not only verifies the authenticity of documents, but can also collect statistical data on travel flows, providing authorities with valuable information for security planning and resource management.

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