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Imagine being able to ensure that your customers are not involved in illegal activities such as SIM exchange fraud. What if you could offer constant protection to trusted consumers? With Fast Check ID, the task of identity verification becomes simple and no longer an obstacle.

During the pandemic, it was unusual to observe a loosening of regulatory requirements in the telecommunications sector in order to simplify identification and registration processes aimed at fostering digital and financial inclusion. However, this innovation, coupled with constant cybersecurity threats, has made the efficiency of remote onboarding, identity verification, and adaptability in accepting various types of identity documents critical.

Software that identifies false documents can offer many benefits to the telecommunications industry by improving security, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are some ways in which it can be useful.

Fraud prevention

In the telecommunications industry, fraud can occur through opening accounts with false identity documents, leading to significant financial losses. Software capable of detecting forged documents can help prevent such fraud, protecting both the company and its customers.

Improved customer onboarding

By automating and improving the accuracy of identity verification, the onboarding process becomes faster and smoother. This not only improves the customer experience, but also reduces the administrative workload, enabling telecommunications companies to serve more customers in less time.

Regulatory compliance

Telecommunications companies are often subject to strict regulations that require verification of customer identities to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities. Software that identifies false documents can help ensure compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

Contract security

By ensuring that documents submitted by customers are authentic, telecommunications companies can reduce the risk of fraudulent contracts and illicit acquisition of devices or services.

Credit risk reduction

By accurately identifying customers, telecommunications companies can better assess credit risk and avoid granting services on credit to individuals using fake or stolen identities.

Improved customer confidence

By demonstrating commitment to fraud prevention and customer data protection, companies can improve customer trust and loyalty, crucial elements in a competitive market.

Support investigation and credit recovery

In the case of fraud or nonpayment, having access to verified identity data can facilitate investigations and credit recovery, providing companies with a stronger foundation on which to act.


With the increasing globalization of the telecommunications market, the ability to verify documents from different jurisdictions becomes essential. Software that can identify fake documents from various countries helps companies expand into new markets with greater confidence.

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