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It implements an automated identity authentication solution that is secure against fraud to establish a sense of trust and enrich the digital experience for students.

With Fast Check ID, the transition from manual ID data entry to a fully automated process allows all necessary forms to be completed quickly. Simply scan IDs using a smartphone or webcam to obtain accurate data that can be easily integrated into your system.

Software that identifies false documents can be extremely useful in education and schooling, offering significant benefits in terms of integrity, security and efficiency. Here are some ways in which it can be employed.

Verification of qualifications

Il software può essere utilizzato per verificare più velocemente i titoli di studio presentati dagli studenti o dai candidati, riducendo il rischio di frodi accademiche. Questo è particolarmente importante per le ammissioni universitarie, le borse di studio e i programmi di scambio, dove la veridicità dei documenti è cruciale.

Verification of qualifications

In professional training and certification courses, the software can ensure that the certificates obtained reflect the actual skills and knowledge acquired, preserving the value and authority of the certifications issued.

Security of academic records

Educational institutions can use the software to protect the integrity of official academic records, such as diplomas and transcripts, ensuring that they are protected from manipulation or forgery.

Administrative efficiency

By automating document verification, colleges and universities can reduce administrative workload and devote more resources to teaching and research. This helps improve the institution's operational efficiency.

Equitable access to education

By ensuring that only authentic documents are accepted for admissions and scholarships, the software helps create a more equitable educational system where opportunities are based on actual merit rather than the ability to submit forged documents.

Enhancement of reputation

Fintech companies and cryptocurrency platforms often operate globally, which requires the ability to verify identity documents from multiple jurisdictions. Software that can identify fake documents from multiple countries can facilitate international expansion and scale operations without exponentially increasing the risk of fraud.

Conformità normativa

In some countries, there are specific legal requirements regarding the verification of academic records. Using dedicated software can help institutions comply with these regulations, avoiding penalties and maintaining high standards of compliance.

International recognition

For students wishing to study abroad or for institutions accepting international students, the software facilitates verification of foreign academic documents, supporting integration and mutual recognition of educational qualifications globally.

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For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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