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Public Administration

Security in public services starts with effective identity verification. Speeding past manual checks and with the reliability of a forensic laboratory, Fast Check ID ensures the authenticity of applicants.

Government assistance programmes are often targeted by identity fraud. To mitigate these problems, while facilitating the application process for citizen services, Regula has adapted its 30 years of forensic expertise into a robust ID verification (IDV) solution.

Blind public services against identity fraud by equipping yourself with the industry's leading solution. Although many verification technologies cover the basics, Fast Check ID's decades of forensic experience and collaboration with national security agencies elevate its identity verification solutions to superior standards.

An extensive series of cross-checks, including machine readable zones (MRZ), RFID chips, barcodes and hologram analysis, confirm the authenticity of documents. Furthermore, with facial recognition and real-time presence verification, it is possible to ensure that the document really belongs to the individual who is presenting it.

Fraud Prevention

In the context of public administration, fraud can range from the use of false documents to access government benefits and services to the falsification of official documents. Detection software can effectively prevent such fraud, protecting public resources.

Improving security and compliance

Government agencies often handle sensitive information and are subject to strict security and compliance standards. Verifying the authenticity of documents submitted by citizens or businesses helps ensure that only legitimate parties access critical information or services.

Operational efficiency

By automating document verification, agencies can reduce waiting times and improve operational efficiency, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks instead of time-consuming manual checks.

Reducing human error

Human error in the document verification process can lead to wrong decisions, such as approving fraudulent requests or rejecting legitimate ones. Reliable software significantly reduces the possibility of such errors.

Improving access to public services

By facilitating fast and accurate verification of documents, the public administration can improve access to services for legitimate citizens, reducing waiting times and simplifying application processes.

Combating identity theft

Software can help combat the use of forged identities, a growing problem as forgery technologies advance, by ensuring that services are provided to the right people.

Security of online transactions

With the increase of digital public services, ensuring the security of online transactions becomes crucial. Software that identifies false documents can be integrated into online portals to verify the identity of users, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Investigation support

In cases of fraud or other illegal activities, the software can provide public safety agencies with a powerful tool for identifying and analysing false documents, supporting investigations and facilitating law enforcement.

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For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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