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Enhance the digital experience for policyholders by introducing an automated identity verification solution, which is already being used successfully by banking institutions, border checkpoints, and national security agencies around the world.

The ability of insurance companies to rely on accurate identity verification is critical, but traditional methods are no longer adequate. The risks are greater since the process often relies on the skill of operators interacting directly with customers. This involves numerous steps for customers, deteriorating the overall experience. In addition, the acquisition of insurance policies has shifted predominantly online, raising expectations for ease of use. The good news is that customer acquisition and verification can be as simple as taking a selfie and as reliable as border checks.

Software that can identify false documents offers numerous benefits to the insurance industry, an area where document authenticity is critical for risk management, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance. Here is how it can be employed.

Insurance fraud prevention

One of the most immediate applications is in the fight against insurance fraud. Fraudsters may submit false documents to claim nonexistent coverage or exaggerate damages. Software that detects forged documents can identify such fraud attempts before they cause significant financial losses to the company.

Efficiency in claims management

By automating the verification of the authenticity of documents submitted at the claims stage, the software can speed up the claims handling process, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Regulatory compliance

The insurance industry is tightly regulated, with specific requirements for verifying customer identity and preventing money laundering. Software that can verify the authenticity of documents helps insurance companies comply with these regulations, reducing the risk of penalties.

Improved customer onboarding

Adopting an automated system for document verification can simplify the customer onboarding process, making it faster and more pleasant, while ensuring that only authentic and trustworthy customers are accepted.

Reducing underwriting risks

By identifying false documents during the underwriting process, insurance companies can more accurately assess the risk associated with each policy, preventing the underwriting of policies based on fraudulent information.

Identity verification for online payments and applications

With the increase in digital transactions, verifying the identity of customers making payments or submitting online requests is crucial to prevent unauthorized access and fraud. The software provides an additional layer of security.

Protection of the company's reputation

By preventing fraud and improving process efficiency, insurance companies can protect and even improve their market reputation, building trust with customers and business partners.

Support investigation and loss recovery

If fraud is identified, the software can provide crucial evidence for investigation, facilitating loss recovery and eventual legal action against fraudsters.

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