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Data Entry Automation

Data accuracy is crucial, but often compromised by manual entry, which is slow and tedious, also reducing conversion rates when entrusted to customers. Fast Check ID offers a solution by automating data capture and verification from ID documents, improving efficiency and allowing the team to focus on more valuable tasks.

How Fast Check ID simplifies personal data entry

Reduces the error rate

Decrease data entry errors by relying on human intervention to correct discrepancies and typos. Fast Check ID's advanced OCR technology processes a variety of texts, enabling reliable automatic entry of a wide assortment of data types.

Speed up operations

Streamline your work processes by enabling you to service more clients in a short time, freeing your employees for more strategically important engagements. Using Fast Check ID, simply frame and photograph an ID to automate the rest of the process.

Enhances the customer experience

Enhance the comfort of your customers by eliminating the need to manually enter their data. With Fast Check ID, data is automatically extracted from ID documents and entered into the necessary forms in seconds, making the data entry process extremely efficient and seamless.

Quick identity verification

Instantly validates identity by preventing fraud, thanks to Fast Check ID's ability to automatically identify and flag discrepancies in documents. It also makes comparisons between detected data and that contained in RFID chips, barcodes, MRZs, and other sources for accurate verification.

For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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