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Fraud Prevention

Impostors posing as customers can seriously damage a company's finances. According to statistics from the Observatory on Credit Fraud and Identity Theft, in the first half of 2023, there were 17,100 cases of illicit use of others' personal and financial data to steal money and purchase goods (up 10.8 percent from 2022) with an estimated damage of more than 83 million (up 14.2 percent).

Introducing security measures can, however, complicate the experience for legitimate customers. Today, however, it is possible to balance security and usability without compromise with the advanced biometric and ID verification technologies offered by Fast Check ID, enabling businesses to effectively protect themselves while maintaining a smooth user experience.

How Fast Check ID helps companies prevent fraud

Stops fraud from the beginning

Prevent fraud before it starts by using Fast Check ID to ensure that only authentic customers can access your services, fending off malicious attackers at an early stage. The use of biometric checks and high-level document verification effectively protect your business, earnings, and reputation.

Detects even the most sophisticated forgeries

Fast Check ID uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to examine every detail of a document, detecting discrepancies in elements such as the visual zone, MRZ, NFC chips, barcodes and holograms. This multidimensional approach ensures that companies have one of the most reliable identity verification methods that can identify even the most elaborate forgeries.

Maximum scalability

Expand your business with peace of mind with Fast Check ID, which verifies documents through a vast database containing more than 12,000 types of documents from 247 countries and territories. Regardless of the geographic origin of your customers, Fast Check ID guarantees you a higher level in the fight against fraud.

Onboarding of real customers

By accelerating the acquisition of genuine customers, Fast Check ID makes identity verification smooth and efficient, allowing you to increase the number of genuine customers by reducing churn during the purchase phase, all while maintaining high security standards and limiting false alarms.

For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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