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What is Fast Check ID?

Artificial intelligence to distinguish real IDs from fake ones

Fast Check ID software can recognize counterfeit items within documents by performing more than 600 checks per individual document. 

The techniques for surveying and verifying counterfeit items are patented and proprietary and exclusive.

These analysis techniques make up our artificial intelligence system, which as of 2020 is constantly being trained and improved, by means of Machine Learning processes, optimizing its performance. 

The formats in which we analyze documents


.pdf, .png, .jpg

Analysis of digital copies of the document

Il sistema basa il giudizio di riconoscimento sull’analisi delle copie digitali del documento oggetto d’esame. The copy may be provided by means of files in the accepted formats, i.e. PDF, PNG, JPG, or by direct acquisition via smartphone. 

The effectiveness of Fast Check ID

Steps performed by Fast Check ID to verify the authenticity of a document

After uploading the document, the verification process performs these steps:

1. Comparison

The document analyzed is compared with authentic documents

2. Structural analysis of preprinted parts

The purpose of this step is to check for any discrepancies from the authentic forms

3. Compilation analysis

At this stage, special attention is paid to all the information affixed at the document issuance stage

4. Time comparison

A verification of the compatibility of the support model with the release period is performed

5. Review of international rules

All those parts that defer to international rules are evaluated, including the calculation of any security algorithms.

6. Outcome generation

An analytical outcome is shown that communicates whether the document analyzed is true or false or whether expert intervention is required for the purpose of issuing a verdict

Integrate Fast Check ID into your systems

For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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