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Travel and hospitality

Demand for travel is rising in parallel with consumer expectations. The trend toward remote and contactless procedures has become the post-pandemic standard. By providing convenience and security at every step, from flying to hotel accommodations, boarding to car rentals and ticket reservations, Regula enhances every aspect of travel.

In an environment where identity fraud is on the rise, it is vital to ensure that only authentic customers use your services, whether they are buying tickets, boarding or staying in hotels. A robust identity verification process is a crucial defense, preventing from account breaches to fraud attempts.

Software that can identify fake documents can play a crucial role in the travel and hospitality industry, helping to improve security, efficiency and the customer experience in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most significant uses.

Safety and Compliance

In the travel and hospitality industry, it is critical to ensure that all documents presented by customers, such as passports or ID cards, are authentic. This not only helps prevent fraud and illegal activities, but also ensures that the company complies with government regulations regarding customer identity verification.

Speeding up check-in processes

Using software to identify false documents can significantly speed up check-in processes at hotels, airports, and other hospitality facilities, reducing wait times for guests and improving their overall experience.

Fraud prevention

In the travel and hospitality industry, fraud can take many forms, including booking with stolen or forged documents. Advanced software that can detect forged documents can prevent significant economic losses and protect the company's reputation.

Improved customer experience

By offering a quick and efficient verification process, companies can improve the overall customer experience, making the booking and check-in process smoother and more stress-free.


For companies that operate internationally, the ability to verify identity documents from various nations is essential. Software capable of identifying fake documents from different jurisdictions can facilitate this process, allowing companies to serve a broader customer base.

Human resource management

In the hospitality industry, recruiting staff from different parts of the world is common. Software that identifies false documents can help verify the authenticity of documents provided by applicants, ensuring that only qualified and legitimate personnel are hired.

Reduction of legal risks

The use of false documents to access travel or hospitality services can expose companies to legal risks, including complicity in illegal activities. Implementing a reliable verification system can help mitigate these risks.

Personalization of services

With secure identity verification, companies can also collect authentic data about their customers, enabling them to tailor their services to customers' preferences and needs, further enhancing the customer experience.

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