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Health Care

It simplifies ID registration by automating input to lighten staff workload and shorten waiting times for patients. Fast Check ID can transform manual and paper-based administrative processes into a fast, secure and scalable patient reception system.

Data entry becomes a fully automated process that is completed in less than two seconds for each document. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, it compares documents against a huge database, immediately recognizing their type and key details. Its state-of-the-art OCR engine, designed to process identity documents, accurately captures information from passports, ID cards, birth certificates, health cards and more, ensuring flawless accuracy. The result is the immediate capture of accurate and compatible data for each patient in your information systems.

Software that identifies false documents can also play a crucial role in the health care industry, offering a range of benefits from protecting patient privacy to preventing fraud. Here's how it can help.

Verification of patients' identities

Ensuring that patients are who they say they are is critical to protecting access to health care services and ensuring that medical information is correctly attributed to the right person, preventing potential medical errors or privacy violations.

Insurance fraud prevention

Insurance fraud is a significant problem in health care, with individuals using false documents to access treatment or medications. Software that detects false documents can help health care institutions and insurance companies identify and prevent fraud attempts.

Compliance with regulations

The health care industry is subject to strict privacy and data protection regulations, such as HIPAA in the United States. Verifying the authenticity of identity documents helps ensure that access to health information is granted only to authorized individuals, contributing to compliance with privacy laws.

Improved access to services

By reducing the risk of fraud and improving the accuracy of identity verification, healthcare institutions can make the patient admission process more efficient, improving access to healthcare services for all.

Protection against stolen health identity

Stolen health identities can be used to illegally access medications, treatments, and other benefits. Software that is effective in detecting false documents can act as a barrier against the misuse of health identities.

Health personnel management

In health care, it is essential that staff are qualified and authorized to perform their duties. Verifying the authenticity of documents submitted during recruitment processes can help prevent the employment of unqualified or fraudulent staff.

Optimization of resources

By preventing unauthorized access to health services and reducing the risk of fraud, institutions can optimize the use of resources, directing them to patients who legitimately need them.

Improved patient confidence

Sapere che l'istituzione sanitaria adotta misure rigorose per proteggere l'identità e le informazioni dei pazienti può aumentare la fiducia nell'assistenza sanitaria, contribuendo a un rapporto più positivo tra pazienti e fornitori di servizi.

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For recognising false documents, Fast Check ID is a certainty.

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